Metaverse Infrastructure for Games

Simple API to connect your game to the blockchain.


Player Experience

Onboarding made easy

Include non-crypto players with a custodial wallet integration.

All inclusive

Support a fiat gateway for your players.

Wallet integration

Interact with non-custodial wallets using Unity SDK.

NFT Integration for your game

Easily mint NFT, stage and integrate into the game

Use No-Code tools to manage your NFTs

Allow players to sell NFTs without leaving your game

Developer-Friendly & Experience

Gas free

No need to worry about gas cost estimations or force players to pay for gas

Quick integration

Simplified JS and Unity SDKs to iterate on the game fast


Subscribe to notifications from the chain to update your gameplay in real time.

It is Easy to Get Started.

If you want to know more, or have some questions for us, feel free to reach out!